Welcome to Central School, home of the Cheetahs. Built in 1935, Central School has charm not typically found in newer schools. The impressions of the students' hands on the tile wall at the entrance of the school remind all who visit that the children are our focus.
Our number one priority is student learning and achievement. We structure our learning community based upon high standards and expectations. We are also committed towards providing a safe and nurturing environment where students realize the benefits of education and life long learning.  Most importantly, we believe that all of our students can go to college and we are working tirelessly to give them a quality education!
At Central School, we embrace our rich cultural diversity. Students, staff, parents and the community are all respected and valued for their uniqueness, ideas and contributions. We believe in the power of developing a positive self-concept in order to reach personal and academic goals.

Principal - Libby Campbell


Welcome to Central School, the home of the Cheetahs!  Central School, built in 1935, is in every way a ‘neighborhood school’….Most of our students live within walking distance.  Our proximity to downtown Escondido provides the community support whereby our students benefit from the experiences of our numerous partnerships, including support from the California Center for the Arts.

At Central School, all students are taught in a learning environment where a college-bound belief system is cultivated.  In addition, positive character traits are taught, modeled, and reinforced through our PAWS education program.  Every decision we make is driven by the belief that all our students can and will achieve.  High expectations and strong support for student learning are how we work to ensure every child is successful.  We are committed to helping every student meet the high expectations represented by our California State Standards.  Our teachers are committed to ongoing professional development activities that focus on collaboratively analyzing data, setting learning targets, developing enduring understandings, asking essential questions, differentiating instructional practices, and choosing formative assessments.  All of our teachers work together in grade level teams to continue to monitor growth and set academic goals for our students through NWEA/MAPs, CELDT, and CST testing.  We are excited to see our students succeed!

At Central School, we are proud of the positive partnership that we have developed with families in our learning community.  A dedicated focus on student learning and parent involvement is at the center of what we do as an organization.  High expectations for all students, academic standards, student behavior standards, and parent-teacher relationships are part of our core values.  Our caring and dedicated staff maintains a daily commitment to our students and the families we serve.


Libby Campbell, Principal

Central School