TB Testing

California State law requires that current tuberculosis (TB) clearance test results are on file and must be renewed every four years. If you need to update your TB information due to an upcoming expiration, then please follow the guidelines listed below.

Permanent/Contracted Employees

1. This test can be obtained at your regular doctor’s office. For employees with Kaiser, there is no cost for a TB test. For employees under United Health Care, you may get your TB test completed at no cost as part of your annual physical. If you go to your physician only for a TB test, you may need to provide your copay or pay their fee for this service (you should verify this with your physician).

2.  If the above options are not available for you, then you may go to an Escondido Union School District approved facility ONLY with an authorization form (see #3 below) to obtain your TB clearance at a negotiated price.  These facilities are Palomar Health or Work Partners.  You would need to obtain a completed authorization form (see following paragraph) from Human Resources and pay the fee of $20.00 for a skin test, or $48.00 for a chest x-ray if it has been medically determined that you cannot have a skin test, or during the current TB testing shortage and your expiration date is expiring during this time.  You may turn in your receipt for reimbursement to Cortney Springmier in Human Resources.  We do not reimburse substitute or At-Will employees.

3. Please provide Human Resources with a note from your doctor's office that they are unable to provide the testing due to the shortage of vaccine or that their cost is higher than the fees charged by the approved facilities. You will then be provided with the necessary authorization form to take to Palomar Health or Work Partners.

Please email Crystal Chavero, cchavero@eusd.org if you need any further assistance regarding this required TB testing.