Sara Duarte and Liz Andrade

Central School is proud to acknowledge the work of dedicated staff who were recently recognized at the district-wide ceremony honoring EUSD employees on June 2.

Central’s Teacher of the Year is Sara Duarte who has been a first and second grade teacher at Central School for 22 years. Mrs. Duarte enjoys teaching writing and science. Not only does she prepare meaningful and rich lessons for students, she was instrumental in guiding teachers through a year-long study of reading assessments and took on the task of organizing materials for the entire staff. Principal, Crystal Underhill, praised Mrs. Duarte by commenting, “…you embody not only what it takes to be an amazing teacher, but what it means to do whatever it may take to ensure a positive educational experience, and therefore future, for our Central Cheetahs!” Congratulations, Mrs. Duarte.

Central’s Classified Employee is Liz Andrade, Nutrition Services Site Manager. Ms. Andrade is one of the first people to arrive on campus and is responsible for preparing daily meals for students. During last year’s Covid shut-down, Ms. Andrade worked tirelessly to distribute nutritious meals to students every week. We would see her standing in the hot sun, harsh wind, and even rain while cars and walkers pulled up to receive their meals. This year, she has continued to cheerfully adapt to the constantly changing demands necessitated by the continuing pandemic. Thank you, Ms. Andrade, for your patience and skill.

Other honorees include Felicia Hutchinson, Patricia Pommerening, and Laura Reyes who celebrate 20 years as teachers in EUSD, and Elizabeth Melo who will be retiring after 32 years in the district. Congratulations to all of you!